Elise Korte (aka Miss Delicious) is a high-energy, attention-grabbing, musical temptation, plucked naughtily from the Tree of Kickass Rock Babes! Powerful, pitch-perfect, soul-rending vocals, and sexy, sultry, and friendly stage all just makes her all around the coolest chick to party with all night long! Miss Delicious will make your jaw drop and mouth water!

Todd Beardmore...Todd's earliest musical influence, was the Beatles song "I wanna hold your hand" as it was the first song he ever learned to sing at the age of 3 years old, as noted by his mother in his baby book. He and his older brothers would "pretend" to be the Beatles playing along with their "Air"guitars... Todd assumed the role as George Harrison in the group. Just a few years later he was influence by his older brother Joe who played guitar in a "Combo" (thats what they called bands back in the day). Todd's got his first guitar at 13 years old. His earliest influences were the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Deep Purple, Ted Nugent, A/C-D/C... etc. Todd's played through Jr. High School and High School. He was a founding member of the popular local band "Tight Fit" back in the 80's and played with a few other local area bands, then retired for 27 years and raised two great kids. Todd started playing again in 2008 founding Monsters in the Basement, covering rock music from the 60's through today's latest hits. Todd was inducted to the Nebraska Music "Hall of Fame" August 29th, 2010 with the members of Tight Fit for the bands contribution to the local music scene. Todd's #1 goal is to HAVE FUN.... and enjoys any music that rocks your socks off, that is fun to play, makes you want to move....!!

Mark Mefford...began his life of drumming in his home state of Indiana during the summer of 1986.He attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California during the height of the hair metal years on the Sunset Strip and gained valuable experience on stage and in the recording studio. After years of playing drums for many of the Midwest region's best rock and country bands, Mark has joined Red Delicious and is excited to bring his experience and enthusiasm to the freshest band around! Mark is endorsed by Kevin and Cheri Feeney at Creative Percussion! Visit for more information!







Mark Polito...“Polito” grew up wanting to play guitar. His wise momma told him that if he wanted to play guitar he had to learn piano first. Three years of piano and two years of trombone later, Mark finally got a bass guitar for his 12th birthday.  Thanks Mom! and Dad for financing my musical prowess...